Huon Valley

Experience the lush rolling hills and valleys of the Huon River basin, offering hidden bays, working orchards, unique forests, wilderness areas, little fishing villages and beautiful beaches.

The Huon Valley consists of four main touring areas:

  1. D’Entrecasteaux Channel (see Peppermint Bay Cruise, Hobart Waterfront)
  2. Huon Valley (see below)
  3. South Coast Wilderness Area (can be negotiated.)
  4. Bruny Island (see Bruny Island Cruises)

A ‘General Interest Day Tour’ Itinerary consisting of a selection of the activities below is available. Alternatively, a complimentary itinerary can be designed for special interest groups or for those who previously have visited some of the attractions. All packages are designed to suit your budget.

  • Tahune Airwalk – step out above the ground for a “bird’s eye” view of Tasmanian forests.

  • Eagle Hang Gliding – experience the freedom of flight above the Southern Tasmanian Forests and the Huon River.

  • Hastings Caves - join a guided tour of this remarkable dolomite cave followed by a heart warming soak in the Thermal Springs Pool

  • Forest and Heritage Centre  – experience the smell of the native timbers and see how the forests were worked in the past.

  • Ida Bay Railway – enjoy a spectacular ride on the only existing narrow gauge Tasmanian bush tramway.

  • Jet Boat ride - fell refreshed with the exhilaration, thrills and excitement of a shallow water ride through stunning scenery.

  • Pedal Boat, Aqua Bike and Canoe ride - fun and relaxation for all ages ‘simply messing about’ in a protected area of the Huon River under the watchful eye of staff.

  • Rotor Lift Helicopter – take flight on a rush of a different kind! Fly over scenic Hobart as you head south to the Huon River to enjoy the spills and fills of a jet boat ride or a visit to the Home Hill Vineyard

  • Vineyards – enjoy a relaxing visit to a vineyard of your choice to sample exquisite wines and other produce .

  • Glow Worm Caving -  “an experience which transforms you from the hassles of everyday existence to the tranquillity of the subterranean world”.

  • Four Wheel Driving  - ride in a luxury four wheel drive vehicle on custom planned tours through stunning scenery and changing terrain.

  • Kayaking- venture out with a small group into the waters of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and across to Bruny Island, visiting a salmon farm on the way.

  • Visit a selection of the Huon Valley’s art and craft collections, wooden furniture displays, boat building exhibitions, local industry museums and galleries. Information available on request.

  • Farms, Orchards and Gardens– from Mushroom, Alpaca and fish farms, apple, berry, pear and stone fruit orchards, Australia’s only sheep and cow’s milk cheesery, to native and cultured showcase gardens … (you name it, we’ve got it!)

  • Fishing Ventures– select a fishing experience of your choice - on land or water.

  • Wilderness walks and flights – scenic flight tours and bushwalking tours in the far south wilderness area can be arranged on request.

Note: South East Cape, the most southern point of Australia (excluding Macquarie Island), is located in this region and is well worth seeing.